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BAFTA Ones to Watch Award Nominees 2017

Find out more about this year's Ones to Watch in association with Dare to Be Digital nominees

The BAFTA Ones To Watch Award in association with Dare to Be Digital celebrates new talent and innovation in the games industry. The nominated games were selected from those showcased at Dare ProtoPlay in August 2016. Find out more about this year's nominees. 

Among the Stones

Team: Bluedoor Games

Among the Stones follows a brave, young adventurer as she explores a mysterious island with the aid of its friendly stone inhabitants. This 3D platformer allows the player to carve their own path with its creative building mechanics, solving puzzles and uncovering secrets on the way. Developed by Bluedoor Games, a team of students at Abertay University, their first project saw a welcoming reception at Dare to be Digital.   


Team: Ludico


Pentagrab is a 2D 4-player couch competitive game. Players, controlling robed cartoon cultists, compete to grab and place items on their bases to gain points. Players can also sabotage, steal from, and stun each other. Bombs allow players to even the playing field by blowing up players in the lead and catching and returning flying pigs are worth a lot of points! The result is a game of frantic decision making and friendly competition, where players often mock each other’s mistakes and delight in dethroning the winner. The simple controls and easy concept means anyone can pick up and play Pentagrab!


Team: Hexterion
Twitter: @Reboundthegame

Rebound is an intense local multiplayer twin-stick sci-fi dodgeball game. An out of control mess of crazed rebounding action! There is nowhere to hide with the top down camera, so you better stay on the move! The game is 2-4 players in a free-for-all deathmatch arena. You only have your own skills to rely on and with one hit and you’re out, you cannot afford to make any mistakes. Use the mutators to your advantage to get an edge on your opponents and hone your skills to near perfection. Master the arena. Conquer the tournament. Become a champion!

About This Award

The Ones To Watch Award has been running since 2007. Check out which games have won over the years >

Dare to Digital's Dare ProtoPlay event, sixteen teams were selected as finalists, with a panel of industry experts selecting their top three games. The teams then become the sole nominees for the BAFTA Ones to Watch Award.