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007 at 50

3 July 2012
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BAFTA celebrates the James Bond film franchise turning 50.

The James Bond film franchise celebrates its 50th anniversary this year and BAFTA are celebrating this milestone with a retrospective of Bond features. We've delved into the BAFTA archive to bring you features with Bond directors Guy Hamilton and Lewis Gilbert, production designer Ken Adam, and composers David Arnold and John Barry.

Guy Hamilton

All that Glitters is Goldfinger: In Conversation with Guy Hamilton


A director’s job is to show off his star to his very best advantage. All actors have strengths and weaknesses….cash in on their strengths and cover-up their weaknesses.

Lewis Gilbert at BAFTA

In Conversation with Lewis Gilbert

Watch In Conversation with Lewis Gilbert>

The things you think are disasters turn out to be wonderful and the things you think are wonderful turn out to be disasters...

Sir Ken Adam

A Tribute to Sir Ken Adam

Watch A Tribute to Sir Ken Adam>

When you do a scribble and everything seems to work…that is the most exciting part. That is when you know you’ve done something interesting.

John Barry Final

John Barry's Golden Touch: Discussion

Listen to

Barry had a great clarity of vision. He's sure about what he's doing and he's going to do it again and again, and he knows it will work.

David Arnold

David Arnold: In Conversation


And read David Arnold's Interview on BAFTA Guru>

During Casino Royale we reward the audience with snippets of the Bond theme, just with a taster of it, because he hasn't earned it yet. He hasn't earned it until the end of the movie.

Bond: Dr No

Gimmicks in Bond: Peter Murton, Art Director

Read Gimmicks in Bond by Peter Murton

Gimmicks have become synonymous with James Bond and have added another facet to his character.