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Children and Young People

Celebrating creativity and excellence in children and young people's film, games and television. 

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Event: BAFTA Kids at Thames FestivalDate: 13 September 2008Venue: Southbank, London-

Content for Change Category added to Children's Awards

21 November 2018

The children’s entertainment industry is constantly evolving, and BAFTA celebrating these positive changes with a new award category: Content for Change. This award recognises content that goes beyond entertainment to infuse children’s programming with learning and/or social issues.

Focus on the Changes to the Children's Awards in 2018

28 June 2018

Just as children’s media develops and evolves, so too must BAFTA’s Awards to best reflect and represent the industry. This year, there have been some marked changes to the Children’s Awards, including the addition of a new craft category, as detailed below...

Words and interviews by Toby Weidmann