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VR, AR and Immersive Entertainment

Virtual RealityMaurizio Pesce

Staying true to one of the original objectives of the Academy, we promote and assist research and experimental work.

This has led us to explore the impact of VR – virtual reality – on our creative communities as well as BAFTA’s work. In 2016, the VR Advisory Group was was formed. 

The group began by making recommendations and showcasing the latest inspirational work within this burgeoning realm. In May 2017, the group showcased a collection of virtual reality experiences that represented the broad range of content available at the time. The group then presented Virtual Reality in Entertainment: The State of the Industry (pdf), a paper that drew on the insights from research and discussions as well as several interviews with executives from across the industry and published in September. The paper "endeavours to provide some preliminary answers to some of our burning questions, and to offer some insight into the process of leveraging VR techniques and technology to produce new forms of storytelling experience."

The Immersive Entertainment Advisory Group, as it is known today, comprises experts from across the UK and US’ technology and creative sectors and is tasked wtih continuing to explore the impact that VR, AR, MR and beyond will have on the current landscape of the film, games, and television industries. It will assess the impact of immersive entertainment within BAFTA’s global mission, and the best ways for BAFTA to facilitate learning experiences. It will also engage with the broader immersive entertainment community during its research by hosting events and inviting information and feedback.

Last year we built a great foundation together; this year I'm honoured to be taking the reins and steering BAFTA's new Immersive Entertainment Advisory Group to continue to make an important and positive impact on our burgeoning industry. The focus will be on educating and supporting BAFTA and its members on all things immersive. While the core team will be smaller than before, there will be plenty of opportunities for those interested and involved currently in BAFTA film, games, and TV to participate in larger consultations throughout the year

Sol Rogers, founder and CEO of REWIND and chair of the Advisory Group, March 2018

For further information on this area of BAFTA's work, contact Kelly Smith in the UK ([email protected]) or Matthew Wiseman in the US ([email protected])

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