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Industry Safety Resources

Depending on the nature of your enquiry and location, there are a number of industry, city and state resources that may be helpful to you.

If your enquiry relates to a workplace complaint, your first point of contact is likely to be your employer and your employer’s complaints procedures. Industry Unions and Guilds also have avenues available, as well as city and state authorities.

BAFTA condemns bullying, harassment or discriminatory behavior of any kind. We ask and encourage you to report any such behavior that occurs during a BAFTA North America event or activity to BAFTA North America immediately. We will act upon such complaints in accordance with BAFTA North America's by-laws.

The British Film Institute in partnership with BAFTA have developed principles and guidance for tackling and preventing bullying, harassment and racism in the screen industries, in consultation with a number of organizations. Click to learn more

We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the resources listed below.

These links will take you to sites external to BAFTA and are shared with Members as a supportive and helpful resource.

If you have resources like this that you feel would be of benefit to share with your fellow BAFTA members, please let us know.


Reporting a Crime

Legal Assistance

Hotlines & Entertainment Industry Safety Resources

Other Resources

Employment Authorities

Online Harassment Prevention Training