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How to apply for membership

Interested in becoming a BAFTA member? Find out if you are eligible and how to apply.

We welcome new members every year working across film, games and television and continue to build an inclusive academy representing industry excellence, knowledge and experience. Find out who has joined recently


We accept membership applications from individuals working in film and television throughout the year with the deadline for our annual intake closing on 31 March each year. All applications are considered by the Board once a year in May and you will be contacted by July. 

If you work in games, we're particularly keen to hear from you. Games applications are considered twice a year with the deadline for applications closing on 28 April and 28 October. Find out more about games membership here.

Please note that we are unable to provide unsuccessful applicants with individual feedback.  If successful, applicants wishing to accept membership must agree to the BAFTA Membership Code of Conduct.

Eligibility Criteria

We welcome applications from individuals working in Film, Games and Television who meet the following criteria. Successful applicants will have been deemed by the relevant Sector Committees to have made a significant contribution to the UK industry, or be British professionals working overseas. 

The criteria for BAFTA membership below should be considered a minimum and unfortunately does not guarantee a successful application. The Board of Trustees may also accept applicants who do not meet the criteria below but demonstrate credits of particular interest, innovation or achievement, or a particularly promising career trajectory.

We welcome applications from individuals currently working in Film, Games and Television with at least five years of experience¹ in a senior creative, production/post-production or executive role directly related to either:

  • feature films distributed in the UK
  • television programming made and broadcast in the UK
  • games distributed in the UK

Successful applicants for BAFTA membership will also fulfil at least one of the following:

  • currently working for a UK broadcaster, distributor, production company or industry body
  • have won or been nominated for a British Academy Film Award, British Academy Television or Television Craft Award, British Academy Children’s Award, British Academy Games Award, BAFTA Cymru Award, BAFTA Scotland Award, or a Britannia Award
  • currently work for a BAFTA nominated or winning games studio
  • significant overall creative contribution to the global games industry
  • be a British Citizen or born in UK/Republic of Ireland

If you have not yet gained five years’ experience in a senior role in production, find out more about BAFTA Crew.


Further information for applicants in Scotland, Wales and the USA

BAFTA is a British organisation but we have a very international outlook. We feel there is a great deal to be learned from the creative industries in cultures outside of the UK, as well as plenty of British talent for us to celebrate and champion internationally. We have branches in Scotland, Wales, Los Angeles and New York, who each have their own programme of screenings and events. Individuals accepted for Full membership who are based in Scotland, Wales or the USA, will also become members of the relevant branch, and will hold all additional rights and benefits of Branch membership in addition to those of Full membership. This includes voting in the UK branch awards, and participating in Branch Board and Committee elections.

If you are based in Scotland, Wales or the USA and are unsuccessful in your application for Full membership, you may instead be offered membership of the relevant branch. If you wish to apply for non-voting membership with a particular Branch, please contact them directly, you can find relevant details on each branch site. 

BAFTA Scotland branch membership

BAFTA Cymru branch membership

BAFTA Los Angeles branch membership

BAFTA New York branch membership

Annual Full Membership Rates 2021/22

General £495.00
Regions Applies to individuals living and working more than 60 miles (as the crow flies) from 195 Piccadilly in London £330.00
Wales/Scotland Applies to individuals based in Wales or Scotland. Carries additional rights and benefits with the relevant branch £330.00
Los Angeles/ New York For individuals who are based in the USA. Carries additional rights and benefits with the relevant branch. $400.00 (LA) $400.00 (NY) 
Overseas For individuals primarily based in countries other than the UK or USA £330.00
A joining fee of £150.00 ($150 in the US) will be charged to new members in addition to their subscription fees. This additional fee is waived for successful applicants who have been nominated for a BAFTA Award. (All rates are inclusive of VAT where applicable). We are unable to take payment by American Express.