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BAFTA Fundraising Privacy Policy

BAFTA Fundraising Privacy Policy

1 Introduction  

BAFTA values its members, patrons and supporters, and this statement will outline how it uses, collects and stores personal data. New EU legislation called the GDPR now sets out comprehensive requirements for all companies handling the personal data of EU citizens. This includes a number of things we must tell you of when we collect data from you. We have provided all the information you need as simply and clearly as possible through this Privacy Policy.

BAFTA promises to respect any personal data you share with us, or that we might obtain from other organisations, and keep it safe.  We aim to be clear when we collect your data and not do anything you wouldn’t reasonably expect. You can opt in or opt out of receiving information from the Fundraising department at any time, and you also have a right to request a copy of any data we hold about you. We explain this in more detail later in this privacy statement.

Many people know BAFTA as the organisation that rewards and celebrates excellence through its high-profile awards ceremonies, but most are unaware of the breadth of its charitable work. BAFTA has changed lives through its programme of scholarships, masterclasses, mentoring and schools’ activities. We fundraise to support key projects, such as capital works, scholarships, exhibitions, and talent development programmes. We primarily fundraise from grant-making trusts and wealthy individuals.

Developing a better understanding of our supporters via their personal data allows us make better decisions, fundraise more efficiently and, ultimately, helps us to support excellence in the film, games and television.

In order to carry out our work, we maintain a secure database of our members, patrons and supporters. We only use this data to ensure we contact supporters in the most appropriate way. BAFTA is a registered charity (No.  216726) and we aim to use our resources as cost effectively as possible.

2 Our responsibilities and your rights

We undertake to keep your data securely in accordance the General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”). This is a pan-European law which replaces previous national data protection legislation and gives all EU citizens common data privacy rights.

The full text of the GDPR can be found here , but here is a quick summary of the main provisions which are relevant to the type of data we hold about you:

  • Access: You have the right to view the data we hold about you and to receive copies of this data in digital format.
  • Accuracy: If any of the data we hold about you is incorrect or incomplete then you can provide the correct or complete data and we must update the data we hold.
  • Erasure: You can request that we erase all the data we hold about you.
  • Restriction of processing: In some cases you can ask us to retain your data but not do anything with it.

3 How we collect your information

We collect information in the following ways:

  • When you give it to us DIRECTLY

You may give us your information in order to be an Academy Circle patron, opt-in to e-newsletters, attend or participate in an event, or make a donation. 

  • When you give it to us INDIRECTLY

Information may be shared about you when are nominated for an award or become a member of BAFTA (please see the BAFTA membership privacy policy here), through reccomendations or if you organise a private event at BAFTA 195 Piccadilly.

Your information may be shared with us by independent event organisers, for example the London Marathon or fundraising sites like Just Giving or Virgin Money Giving.  These independent third parties will only do so when you have indicated that you wish to support BAFTA and with your consent. You should check their Privacy Policy when you provide your information to understand fully how these third parties will process your data.

  • When you give permission to OTHER ORGANISATIONS to share or it is available publicly

We may combine information you provide to us with information available from external sources in order to gain a better understanding of our supporters to improve our fundraising methods, products and services.

The information we get from other organisations may depend on your privacy settings or the responses you give.

 This information comes from the following sources:

Social Media
Depending on your settings or the privacy policies for social media and messaging services like Facebook, WhatsApp or Twitter, LinkedIn you might give us permission to access information from those accounts or services.

Information available publicly
This may include information found in places such as Companies House and information that has been published in the press.

  • When we collect it as you use our WEBSITES OR APPS

Please see our online privacy policy here:

Like most websites, we use “cookies” to help us make our site – and the way you use it – better. Cookies mean that a website will remember you. They are small text files that sites transfer to your computer (or phone or tablet). They make interacting with a website faster and easier – for example by automatically filling your name and address in text fields. There are more details in our Cookie Policy.

In addition, the type of device you are using to access our website or apps and the settings on that device may provide us with information about your device, including what type of device it is, what specific device you have, what operating system you are using, what your device settings are, and why a crash has happened. Your device manufacturer or operating system provider will have more details about what information your device makes available to us.

The type and quantity of information we collect and how we use it depends on why you are providing it. 

4 What personal data we collect

4.1 Supporters

If you support us, for example if you make a donation, become an Academy Circle patron, buy tickets for an event, or attend a free event we will usually collect some or all of the following information:

  • your name
  • your contact details
  • your date of birth
  • your contact preferences
  • your occupation and professional activities
  • records of donations and gift aid
  • records of communications from us to you, and vice versa
  • information on your engagement with BAFTA, including attending events, records of meetings, membership, donations
  • details of your donations to other organisations, but only where made publically available by you

4.2 Payment Details

We do not store payment details.

4.3. Website Analytics

In common with most other websites we use website analytics software which collects data about how people use our website. However, this is anonymised and cannot be traced back to you. We use this to help make sure our web servers are working well and to see which parts of our websites are most/least popular. This helps us to improve the overall user experience.

4.4. Complaints and Behaviour

We will collect and process personal data for the purpose of handling complaints made to BAFTA about any of its supporters. This data will be stored with additional security safeguards and will be accessible to just a small number of staff with responsibility for handling complaints. For BAFTA members this is mentioned in more detail in the Data Code section of the BAFTA Membership Codes (subject to approval of revised codes at the AGM on 4th June 2018).

5 How we use your data

We aim to meet the communications preferences of all members, patrons and supporters. You can personalise your communications preferences by getting in touch with us. The data is held securely in BAFTA’s database, and used for a range of engagement and fundraising activities. These include the following:

  • providing you with the services, products or information you requested
  • administering your donation or supporting fundraising, including processing Gift Aid
  • keeping a record of your relationship with us
  • direct mailing (where consent has been given)
  • ensuring we know how you prefer to be contacted
  • understanding how we can improve our fundraising, services, products or information
  • for monitoring and evaluation purposes for our charitable activity

We may communicate with you via email (our primary method of communication), social media, mail and telephone.

If you enter your details onto one of our online forms, and you fail to click ‘send’ or ‘submit’ the form, we may contact you to see if we can help with any problems you may be experiencing with the form or our websites.

6 Where your data be stored

Your data will be stored on BAFTA’s own internal systems in our headquarters in London.

We also use cloud based services to store and process data about members. Some of these cloud providers store data in the United States. In these cases the providers are certified under the EU-US privacy shield framework (see In addition to this our contracts with these providers include clauses which guarantee that they provide the same safeguards for the data and rights to our members as if the data were stored in the EU. More information about the security measures put in place by these providers is linked to below.

We may choose to use other service providers in future, if we do they will be bound by the same strict rules which guarantee that the same safeguards are in place, and your rights remain the same. If we change our service providers then we will update the details on this page so you can always return to this page to see where your data is being stored.

Here is a list of the current cloud based service providers we share supporter’s data with:


What data: All data collected about supporters is stored in SalesForce

Purpose: Managing our supporter database

Data location: USA


What data: Just name and email address

Purpose: Keeping in touch with supporters via email

Data location: USA


What data: Supporter’s name and contact details, gift aid declarations, details of donations.

Purpose: Managing donations

Data location: UK

7 How long will we store your data

Your details will be kept securely by BAFTA for as long as we are in regular contact with you and in strict accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”).  We will carry out regular data collection reviews and if you are not in contact with us for over 14 months, we will first endeavour to reengage with you, and if unsuccessful, we will take the appropriate measures to cease contact and erase your personal data.

8 Speculative research and building profiles of supporters

BAFTA relies on philanthropic donations to fund our learning and new talent programmes. As such, we undertake research into potential funders for a variety of projects. We may research grant-making trusts, trustees and wealthy individuals to help us approach relevant, potential supporters.

We may carry out wealth screening, either by viewing publications such as The Sunday Times Rich List, or by using a trusted third party organisation to partly automate the work. The third-party organisation will only use publically available information to indicate High Net Worth Individuals, and is contractually obliged not to hold any data longer than is required for them to provide their service. We also use publically available information to undertake due diligence research on donors.

We use profiling and screening techniques to ensure communications are relevant and timely, and to provide an improved experience for our supporters.  Profiling also allows us to target our resources effectively. We do this because it allows us to understand the background of the people who support us and helps us to make appropriate requests to supporters who may be able and willing to increase their level of support.  Importantly, it enables us to raise more funds, sooner, and more cost-effectively, than we otherwise would. 

When building a profile we may analyse geographic, demographic and other information relating to you in order to better understand your interests and preferences in order to contact you with the most relevant communications.  In doing this, we may use additional information from third party sources when it is available.  Such information is compiled using publicly available data about you, for example addresses, listed Directorships or typical earnings in a given area. 

9 Targeting communications - Direct Marketing

With your consent, the Fundraising Team will contact you to let you know about the progress we are making and to ask for donations or other support.   We make it easy for you to tell us how you want us to communicate, in a way that suits you. Our forms have clear marketing preference questions and we include information on how to ‘opt out’. If you no longer wish to hear from BAFTA’s Fundraising department, please contact: [email protected].

10 How we keep your data safe

The information you provide will be kept confidential within the organisation. We ensure that there are appropriate technical controls in place to protect your personal details.  

We undertake regular reviews of who has access to information that we hold to ensure that your information is only accessible by appropriately trained staff, volunteers and contractors.

We may need to disclose your details if required to the police, regulatory bodies or legal advisors.

We will only ever share your data in other circumstances if we have your explicit and informed consent.

We will not pass on or sell your details to anyone else.

11 Keeping your information up to date

Where possible we use publicly available sources to keep your records up to date.

Such information is compiled using publicly available data about you, for example addresses, emails, job titles, change of company.

We would be grateful if you could inform us of any change in your contact details.

12 How to exercise your GDPR rights

If you want to exercise any of your rights in relation to data BAFTA holds about you then please email: [email protected] or the postal address below:

The Data Controller
195 Piccadilly

Please provide details in your email/letter of what actions you would like us to take. Depending on the nature of the request and whether or not your request comes from the email address we have on file for you, we may need to verify your identity so that we don't give out information to the wrong person. In most cases it helps if you are able to provide a contact phone number so that we can validate your identify and discuss the request with you.

13 Making complaints or suggestions

If you are concerned about how we manage your data, or how we have handled a request to exercise your rights, then please get in touch with us to discuss it. To do this please send an email detailing your suggestions or concerns to [email protected].

If you are still not satisfied with the response you can take your concern to the Information Commissioner's Office. For details of how to do this please refer to the ICO web site: