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Applicant Privacy Policy

Last Updated: 17/06/2021

1. Introduction

BAFTA has always believed in being open about what data we collect from people we interact with and what we do with it. The UK GDPR sets out comprehensive requirements for handling personal data. This includes a number of things we must tell you of when we collect data from you. We have provided all the information you need as simply and clearly as possible through this Privacy Policy using a question-and-answer format.

This policy sets out how we will store and process data we collect from people applying to take part in a BAFTA initiative. This should be read alongside any Terms and Conditions for the specific initiative. If you are a BAFTA member, or have signed up to one of our newsletters then another privacy policy may well apply more specifically to our relationship with you. You can view other privacy policies by going to: 

2. What if I am mentioned in an application made by someone else?

For several of our schemes, we ask our industry contacts to recommend people who they think should apply. If someone suggests you should apply they will give us your contact details which we will use to get in touch with you and invite you to complete an application yourself.

In some instances your agent or manager may apply on your behalf but in this case they should have informed you they are applying on your behalf, that your details will be held by BAFTA and drawn your attention to this Privacy Policy.

On occasion when an applicant is applying to take part in a BAFTA initiative, we may ask them to provide references. If you are named as a referee, then the applicant should have made you aware that your details will be held by BAFTA and drawn your attention to this Privacy Policy.

3. What data will be collected about me?

We collect various types of data, all of which we need in order to process your application to take part in a BAFTA initiative. The types of data and the reasons for collecting and processing them are detailed below:

3.1. Information About You

If you are applying to participate in a BAFTA initiative we will ask questions about you, your skills, experience and circumstances which we need to assess your eligibility for the initiative in question.

For some initiatives we may also ask for special categories of data such as your ethnic origin. Provision of this data is always entirely voluntary - you are under no obligation to provide this – but be aware that certain schemes may be targeted to groups who are under-represented in the industry and these will only be open to those groups. More details about why we collect this are provided below under “Why do you collect this Data?”

3.2. Information About Your Application

If you are applying for a BAFTA initiative, we will collect data relating to your career and achievements so that we can assess the eligibility of your application and submit it for judging. Not all of the information you supply within the application form will be shared with those assessing your application – e.g. contact information, diversity information (see below under “Why do you collect this Data?”). Within the application form itself, we will be clear which information is to be shared with whom. 

3.3. Information About Other People

If you are submitting something for a BAFTA initiative we may ask for details of other people involved in a particular project. When you submit the application you must inform all of the people whose details you will be providing that their details will be held by BAFTA as described in this Privacy Policy. We will ask you to confirm as part of your application that you have done this.

3.4. Your Interaction With BAFTA

We record details of your interactions with BAFTA such as:

  • We may make a record of discussions we have with you over the phone so that we can provide a consistent and efficient service if you call again.
  • We will keep records of your activity on the BAFTA website you use to submit the application for the purpose of auditing how the site is being used and to respond to any support requests.

3.5. Payment Details

Where an entry fee applies we will use a payment provider to collect payment details so that we can process the payment. BAFTA do not store your card details.

3.6. Website Analytics

In common with most other websites we use website analytics software which collects data about how people use our website. However, this is anonymised and cannot be traced back to you. We use this to help make sure our web servers are working well and to see which parts of our websites are most/least popular so that we can improve the overall user experience.

4. Why do you collect this data?

We collect various types of data, all of which we need in order to process your application and then to maintain records of your engagement with the initiaitive should you be successful. As such this means that lhe lawful basis for processing your data is Article 6(1)(b) of the UK GDPR: "processing is necessary for the performance of a contract to which the data subject is party or in order to take steps at the request of the data subject prior to entering into a contract".

4.1. Contact Details

We collect contact details to enable us to administer the application process, keeping you up to date with the progress of your application and requesting further information/clarification from you if this proves necessary.

We will also use your details to pursue BAFTA’s legitimate interests in making you aware of other BAFTA awards, programmes and initiatives.

4.2. Entry/ Application Details

Data relating to the application (except for sensitive data as detailed below) will be used to assess the eligibility of your application and also in the selection process. 

This data will also be used for statistical purposes to pursue BAFTA’s legitimate interests in monitoring patterns and trends in applications and entries in order to tailor future programmes and report to internal committees and external funders.

4.3. Sensitive Data 

For most of our schemes, we will ask you to complete a voluntary Diversity Monitoring form, which asks you to disclose information pertaining to the protected characteristics defined by The Equality Act (including age, disability, gender, race and ethnicity, etc) or socio-economic background – classed as ‘sensitive data’ in data protection legislation. The Diversity Monitoring form is never included as part of the assessment process. There is no obligation to provide this data and your entry/application will be treated no differently if you opt not to provide this. The only exception to this rule is for certain schemes which are targeted to those from under-represented groups – see below. 

This information is recorded so that we can pursue BAFTA’s legitimate interests and those of the wider Film, TV and Games industries in ensuring the diversity of both successful entrants/applicants and entrants/applicants as a whole. This is essential to help us ensure that our initiatives are fair and open to all to fulfil our mission of enabling talented people to be able to succeed, regardless of their background.

We need to retain this data until the conclusion of any selection process so that we can measure the diversity of both successful and unsuccessful applicants. However, this data will never form and part of any assessment or judging process. People involved in the selection process do not have access to any of this sensitive data. Furthermore, as soon as the selection process is complete we anonymise this data so that only anonymous diversity statistics are retained that cannot be tied back to individuals.

Certain schemes are targeted at groups which have been identified as under-represented in the industry. In these instances, the Application Form (as distinct from the Diversity Monitoring Form) will ask you to provide certain demographic information about yourself. Where this information is provided as part of the Application Form, it will be shared with those assessing your application. These schemes are targeted to particular under-represented groups and BAFTA has devised them to help address barriers to progression, and so, for these schemes, membership of one of these groups is part of the eligibility criteria. 

Our schemes for young people will generally have age restrictions to ensure that young people are being assessed against others with a similar level of ability and experience. 

Further details of our approach to diversity can be found on our website here: 

5. Who is responsible for my data?

Any data collected about you on any of the BAFTA web sites will be kept under BAFTA's control. BAFTA is registered charity (No.  216726) and can be contacted using the following details:

The Data Controller
195 Piccadilly

Email: [email protected]

6. How long will you keep my data for?

6.1. If you make an application

Except for sensitive data described below, any personal data (names, addresses etc) in your application is removed 18 months after the closing date for entries.

Other non-personal details submitted on the application form are kept for 24 months after the closing date for applications.

In order to make an application you will need to create an account on one of BAFTA’s entry systems (e.g., etc.). The name and address details associated with this account will be stored for 540 days after your last login to the system after which your account and the associated details will be automatically deleted.

6.2. If you are mentioned in an application made by someone else

Any personal data (names, addresses etc) relating to you will be deleted 18 months after the closing date for entries.

If you are successful in your application then your name and the fact you were part of the scheme will be recorded indefinitely for archival purposes whilst your contact details for 10 years.

6.3. Sensitive data used for diversity monitoring

Sensitive data such as ethnic origin, sexual orientation, disability which is used for diversity monitoring is recorded against your application until the selection process is complete. As described above (see Information About You) this data is used solely for monitoring purposes and is anonymised as soon as the selection process is completed.
The exception is for schemes which are targeted to under-represented groups as detailed in “Why do you collect this data?” above. If you have been asked for demographic data as part of the Application Form, this will be deleted after 18 months. 

7. Where will my data be stored?

Your data will be stored on BAFTA’s own internal systems in our headquarters in London and in the case of awards and initiatives run by the branch offices, also in these offices in Cardiff, Glasgow, Los Angeles and New York.

Our online entry and application systems run on servers provided by Amazon Web Services in Dublin. For information about the security of your data in the AWS cloud check out these links:

We also use cloud based services to store and process data about applicants. Some of these cloud providers store data in the United States. In these cases we have carefully reviewed the security and legal privacy safeguards put in place by each service provider. In addition to this, our contracts with these providers include clauses which guarantee that they provide the same safeguards for the data and rights to our applicants as if the data were stored in the EU. More information about the security measures put in place by these providers is provided in the links below.

We may choose to use other service providers in future, if we do they will be bound by the same strict rules which guarantee that the same safeguards are in place, and your rights remain the same. If we change our service providers then we will update the details on this page so you can always return to this page to see where your data is being stored.

Here is a list of the current cloud based service providers we share applicants’ data with:


What data: Data collected about applicants is stored in SalesForce

Purpose: Managing our applications database

Data location: USA

8. Who will have access to my data?

Staff within BAFTA whose duties require it will have access to our application systems. This includes staff in the Scotland, Wales, New York and Los Angeles branches where the award or initiative is relates to one of these branch offices.

Some technical tasks, such as configuring and securing our servers, require specialist expertise. We use specialist UK-based contractors to provide these services. These contractors are carefully vetted. All contractors must sign non-disclosure agreements which include a requirement that they keep all BAFTA's data confidential.

8.1. BAFTA initiatives

All the details on your application form will be made available to the selection committee except for:

  • Your name and address
  • Other contact details
  • Any of the sensitive data collected in the Diversity Monitoring Form – see above in the “Why do you collect this data” section.

All of those assessing your application will review it using our secure portal, through which we can restrict access to the above information. If they print out the forms, then we will require them to destroy the print-outs as soon as the application process is finished. 

9. Will you give my data to anyone else?

If you are applying for a BAFTA initiative which is being run in association with a partner organisation then we will pass your details (but not any sensitive data as detailed above) onto them so that they can administer their aspects of the scheme. If this is the case we will make this clear as part of the application process.

We will also pass on your information in other situations  when we are required to do so by law.

We will not pass on or sell your details to anyone else.

10. What rights does GDPR give me?

Here is a summary of the main provisions of the UK GDPR which are relevant to the type of data we hold about you:

Access: You have the right to view the data we hold about you and to receive copies of this data in digital format.

Accuracy / Rectification: If any of the data we hold about you is incorrect or incomplete then you can provide the correct or complete data and we must update the data we hold.

Erasure: You can request that we erase all the data we hold about you, but this is only available in some situations.

Restriction of processing: In some cases you can ask us to retain your data but not do anything with it.

11. How do I exercise my GDPR rights?

If you want to exercise any of your rights in relation to data BAFTA holds about you then please email: [email protected] or write to the Data Controller at the address given above (see "Who is responsible for my data?")

Please provide details in your email/letter of what actions you would like us to take. Depending on the nature of the request and whether or not your request comes from the email address we have on file for you, we may need to verify your identity so that we don't give out information to the wrong person, or delete the wrong person’s information. In most cases it helps if you are able to provide a contact phone number so that we can validate your identify and discuss the request with you.

12. What if I have a complaint?

If you are concerned about how we manage your data, or how we have handled a request to exercise your rights, then please get in touch with us to discuss it. To do this please send an email detailing your concerns to [email protected].

If you are still not satisfied with the response you can take your concern to the Information Commissioner's Office. For details of how to do this please refer to the ICO web site: