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Membership FAQs

23 April 2016

Thinking about joining BAFTA Cymru but want to know a bit more? 

Membership FAQs

FAQ 1  Do I have to be an established industry professional to join?

No, we would like to encourage those at all levels to join and move up  the ranks with us. We accept Student Members, and those starting out their career (graduates and other) as Career Starter Members for the first 3 years in the industry

FAQ 2  When can I join?

Anytime – we accept applications year round for Associate, Branch, Career Starter and Student memberships and then each February you can apply to become a Full UK voting member.

FAQ 3  How much does it cost?

Costs to join at the start of the year:

Full Membership: £300.00 (memberships open in February each year)

Associate Membership: £187.50
Associate Membership (Country rate - 50 miles outside Cardiff): £150.00

Branch Membership: £117.50
Branch Membership (Country rate - 50 miles outside Cardiff): £75.00

Career Starter: £50.00
Student Membership: £35.00

All prices include VAT.

All but the Career Starter and Student rates can be pro-rata’d so you only pay the amount due for the remainder of the year. You can see the pro-rata rates on our membership pages if you click on the link for the relevant membership.

FAQ 4 Yes, about that – when does the membership year start and end?

June 1 – May 31

FAQ 5 How can I pay?

You can complete a form with your credit/debit card details for the first payment or pay by cheque.  Full, Associate and Branch memberships can then set up a Direct Debit for their next payments.

For Full, Associate and Branch memberships, we can take your first card payment for half the fee for the first 6 months and then set up a second Direct Debit for all other payments.

FAQ 6 Why join?         

  • To join Wales biggest network of creative media professionals
  • To access networking and career development opportunities
  • To access free cinema Mon-Thurs at Cineworld, Vue and Odeon
  • To access our 100 free events – previews, Q&As and masterclasses
  • To access our wide range of partner offers and discounts

FAQ 7 How long does it take for my card to arrive?

For Branch, Career Starter and Student applications your card will arrive within a week of you applying, you will receive a welcome pack via email and your card will follow in the post.
For Full and Associate, these are administered by our London office and can take up to a month.                       

FAQ 8 OK sign me up – what next?

You can log on here and complete the form today!
Or if you prefer to print off a form and send it back to us click here