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Steve Coogan & Rob Brydon: In Conversation

9 January 2012
Steve Coogan & Rob Brydon discuss their roles in BAFTA-winning comedy The TripBAFTA/ Jamie Simmonds

In the second video from Latitude 2011, filmmaker and Comic Relief founder Richard Curtis (Love Actually, Bridget Jones's Diary) interviews The Trip's co-stars and its producer Andrew Eaton.

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The full length Steve Coogan, Rob Brydon & Andrew Eaton interview video is available to watch now on BAFTA Guru.

By Steve Coogan's own admission, there was a 40% chance The Trip would be good, and a 60% chance it would be terrible. With no writer credited, the show consists of loose improvisations set around dinner tables in the English countryside, in which semi-fictionalised versions of Steve and Rob dispute life, careers, food and impressions. In 2011 Coogan won the BAFTA for Male Performance in a Comedy Role, and a re-cut film version of The Trip was released around the rest of the world.

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In this event, shot on a sunny day at Latitude, self-confessed mega-fan Richard Curtis gets a frank and honest insight into the personalities of the two actors. Coogan describes the ad-hoc filming of the show and why he thinks his impressions are less entertaining but more 'surgically accurate' than Rob's, while Brydon opens up about being 'irked' at not being nominated for a BAFTA. They also discuss the show's realistic depiction of male friendship, and naturally, a few impressions find their way in...

I can make myself a bit more accessible by being with Rob, and Rob can give himself a bit more prestige by being with me.

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Watch the Steve Coogan, Rob Brydon & Andrew Eaton interview on BAFTA Guru

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