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Stephen Fry: Annual Television Lecture 2010

3 January 2012
Annual TV Lecture 2010 delivered by Stephen Fry

Is TV as we know it in terminal decline? What's next for the broadcasting industry? Watch Stephen Fry deliver the Academy's Annual Television Lecture in 2010.

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The full length Stephen Fry lecture video is available to watch now on BAFTA Guru.

Stephen Fry is one of England's foremost broadcasting figures, whose career in writing, acting, directing, producing and presenting makes him an obvious candidate to deliver the Academy's annual industry-facing television lecture.

I love everything about what television has been, what it still is and what it might yet be. If I criticise anything about it, I do so as with nationhood, from the point of view of love not enmity.

Head over to BAFTA Guru to watch the much-loved comedian and presenter declare his love for the 'ambition, scope and innovation' of British television before considering whether 'television as we know it is in terminal decline'. Find out what he really thinks about the current crop of prime-time programmes and discover his controversial idea to free the creative talent of producers, writers and directors.

Watch the Stephen Fry lecture now on BAFTA Guru.

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