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Louis Theroux: In Conversation

23 December 2011
Louis Theroux Q&A at BAFTA

The documentary filmmaker Louis Theroux speak about his style and methods with journalist Sarfraz Manzoor.

Louis Theroux is one of the UK’s best known documentary makers. His subjects have continued to diversify over the years, all the while remaining true to a way of working that is uniquely his own. His documentaries offer rounded portraits, resisting easy judgements and giving a nuanced picture of worlds in which people do questionable things for very human reasons.

I wasn't one of those annoying people who had a sense of their destiny. I was quite directionless... I never thought 'I'll be making documentaries'.

Theroux speaks to Sarfraz Manzoor about the tricks, complexities and humourous side of his trade in front of a live audience..

Theroux also talks about the responsibilities and complexities that come with dealing with extreme views and presenting them in an acceptable and often lighthearted or comic style.