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BAFTA UK Scholarship Programme 2020 – Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  I don’t have British citizenship, but I’m currently living in the UK. Can I apply?
The BAFTA UK Scholarship programme is only open to British citizens as recognised under UK law. Citizens of other countries are not eligible to apply to study in the UK.

Q. My chosen course isn’t listed as eligible for the scholarship. Can I still apply?
To be able to apply for a scholarship, your course must be amongst the list of eligible courses. Click here to see the list.

Q. My course is in acting. How can I apply?
British applicants on acting courses must be nominated by their drama school, which must be an institution accredited by Drama UK (until its closure in November 2016), or by the national conservatoires of Scotland or Wales. Your course tutor can advise whether you have been put forward.

Q.  Why isn’t my course eligible this year?
The eligible courses have been identified by industry professionals as producing students ready to work in film, games or television in areas in which BAFTA has a focus. The courses may also have been accredited with the ScreenSkills ‘Tick’ or by the British Journalism Training Council (BJTC). We appreciate that this means some good courses may not be eligible this year but, with a very limited number of scholarships on offer, this method was chosen to narrow down the field. If you would like your course to be reviewed and considered for future years, please email [email protected] 

Q. Will I need to demonstrate why I need financial support, or are applicants assessed on talent alone?
All applicants are assessed on financial need as well as their demonstrated technical ability and personal statement answers.

Q.  Although I’m a new career starter, I am older than the average student; can I still apply for a scholarship?
Yes, there is no age limit for applicants.

Q.  I’ll be starting one of the eligible courses in 2021. Can I still apply this year?
If the course year starts between September 2020 and July 2021 you can apply for a scholarship this year but, if you are invited for an interview, we will need proof from the institution that you have been accepted onto the course.

Q. I will have already completed one year of a two-year course. Can I apply?
Students entering the second year of an eligible two-year course can apply for a scholarship, but you will need to explain in your Personal Statement how you were able to finance the first year of your course.

Q. I’ve missed the deadline (Tuesday 2 June 2020). Can I still apply?
Unfortunately, we cannot accept any applications after the deadline.

Q. I’ve applied in the past but was unsuccessful. Can I get feedback?
Due to the number of applications, we’re unable to give individual feedback.

Q.  I’m a British citizen and would like to study in the US. Can I apply for a scholarship?
British citizens can apply to study in the US with a scholarship from BAFTA Los Angeles or New York. For more information, visit here.

Q. I have a question that hasn’t been answered here. Who can I contact?
Please check out the information on the Scholarships home page. If you still have a query, please send it to us at [email protected]