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Rocliffe Advice

11 January 2011

Get advice and insight into how to write a script suitable for the forum, and find out more about how the it all works.

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Rocliffe: Write A Treatment
Rocliffe: Works Best
Rocliffe: What's Selected
Rocliffe: Unselected
Rocliffe: Tips
Rocliffe: The Day
Rocliffe: See My Script
Rocliffe: Ready
Rocliffe: Synopsis

Ben Blaine

Rocliffe: Process1
Rocliffe: Submit
rocliffe: Q&A
Rocliffe: Process2
Rocliffe: Read Whole Script
Rocliffe: Picked Up
Rocliffe: Kind Of Script
Rocliffe: Help My Career
Rocliffe: What to do with your first draft

Claire Wilson

Rocliffe: What do I Bring?
Rocliffe: Early Days
Rocliffe: Director Do
Rocliffe: Game Plan
Rocliffe: Networking

Susan Jacobsen