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BAFTA Crew Games: info + FAQs

Applications are currently closed.

Got questions? Email us at [email protected]

What you get:

  • BAFTA Crew masterclasses, live streams & round tables with BAFTA-nominated talent, in London and across the UK
  • Bespoke networking events with guests including BAFTA members, BAFTA-identified new talent & industry partners
  • ​Access to a private online Facebook group for networking across departments
  • Exclusive online networking across departments
  • Limited free tickets to BAFTA’s nationwide year-round programme of events (including BAFTA Cymru and BAFTA Scotland)
  • Travel bursaries towards attending BAFTA Crew events anywhere in the UK
  • For those who want to opt in, BAFTA will also publish the names and several key credits of BAFTA Crew members. This list will be available to speakers and the wider industry via


To be eligible for BAFTA Crew Games 2019 you must -

  • Be actively working on, and making a creative contribution to, games produced and/or distributed in the UK

  • Have 2-5 years relevant experience in the game industry including internships or graduate placement


Who is eligible to apply?
BAFTA Crew Games is open to game practitioners with 2-5 years professional experience, including internships or graduate placement. Ideally this would be actively working on or making a creative contribution to games produced and/or distributed in the UK. 

What sort of experience are you looking for?
You must be actively involved in game production or design in order to apply.

I am a journalist, gaming enthusiast or work in game industry PR, am I eligible?
Unfortunately not, BAFTA Crew Games will only be accepting applications from game practitioners (i.e. makers). Please keep an eye on our events page for information on future events.

I am a trainee or hold a junior role, am I eligible?
Absolutely! We welcome applications from candidates who have demonstrated a level of skill and professionalism in their field but are still new to their career. Providing you have at least 2 years relevant experience in game design then you are eligible to participate.

Can I apply with my colleagues?
All applications must be submitted on an individual basis but there are no restrictions in regards to how many individuals can apply from the same company. So if you apply with your colleagues there is the possibility you could all become Crew members. BAFTA is a charitable organisation – we welcome companies to sponsor their employees to apply for membership.

How will members be selected?
Crew Games members will be selected by a professional jury who are looking for a minimum of 2 years professional experience and a commitment to working in the game industry. For this reason, we would recommend that your references are up-to-date and are people who you have worked with/for in your designated role.

I have already participated in BAFTA Crew, am I eligible for the 2019 programme?
Participants from previous BAFTA Crew programmes are welcome to re-apply if they feel they would benefit from joining the programme for another year.

I am a BAFTA member, can I apply?
No, this programme is aimed at people working in the industry at the start of their careers and is not appropriate for full BAFTA Members. BAFTA Members will be invited to attend events with BAFTA Crew participants and can nominate potential participants by emailing [email protected]

Where will the live masterclasses take place?
Masterclasses will take place in venues in major cities throughout the UK. This is subject to change based on the geographical make-up of the final group, with travel bursaries available for those based more than 50 miles away from the venue.

Do I have to be living in the UK or is the programme open for overseas applications?
Applicants need to be currently living and working in the UK. However, we welcome those with international experience on their CV. Previous work experience in the UK is not a necessary requirement so long as your current position is UK based.

When do I need to pay the joining fee?
You will need to pay the joining fee when you are offered a place, as part of the registration process.

Why can’t I see the full programme of masterclasses now?
We work with the industry’s best practitioners who won’t always know their availability months in advance. We will endeavor to give Crew members prior notice when programming masterclasses. Once selected for BAFTA Crew Games 2019, you will have access to an online calendar of events and be notified with any updates or changes.

Who will deliver the live masterclasses?
BAFTA masterclasses are delivered by professionals at the highest end of the industry, selected from our pool of winners, nominees and members. Previous speakers have included Rhianna Pratchett (Tomb Raider, Heavenly Sword), the Alien: Isolation Development Team (Creative Assembly), Barney Pratt (Until Dawn) and Mark Morris (Introversion Software). 

I am a very experienced practitioner looking for a programme that will develop my technical skills. Is this programme for me?
This programme is not a technical training course and is not designed for one specific craft. BAFTA Crew will give you access to a network of peers and events led by BAFTA nominees. The programme is designed to help you develop your skills through dialogue with our BAFTA-nominated speakers and also through networking with fellow Crew participants. BAFTA Crew aims to provide an environment in which you can meet other professionals at a similar level in the industry and gain a broader understanding of their work.

Will BAFTA cover my travel to and from events?
You are expected to cover your own travel and accommodation. We do have a limited number of bursaries available to supplement travel costs for those travelling to an event more than 50 miles from their home address. More details will be available once you have been accepted and before you pay your fee.