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Full Membership Application Process

During March 2016 BAFTA Scotland will be actively seeking new Full members - either by encouraging those with Associate and Branch membership to upgrade to Full membership or encouraging new members to join.

As you may know, BAFTA has a number of tiers of membership, one of which is Full membership.

Full membership offers voting rights in the British Academy Awards (Film, Television, Craft, Children’s, Games) as well as a host of other benefits including preview screenings, UK-wide events and more.

Overall BAFTA Scotland has between 500-700 members a year (student, career starter, branch and associate members as well as our full members)

Individuals accepted for Full membership who are based in Scotland will also be members of the Scotland branch, and will hold all additional rights and benefits of Branch membership in addition to those of Full membership. This includes voting in the British Academy Scotland Awards and participating in Branch Committee elections.

Applicants in Scotland who are not accepted for Full membership, may be offered a non-voting membership of the relevant branch; applicants should indicate whether this of interest on their application form.

Applicants who only wish to apply for non-voting membership with the Branch, should apply directly to the relevant branch office; please see the relevant branch site for more detail. Please note that both BAFTA Scotland and BAFTA Wales now have Associate memberships which include all the benefits of Full membership apart from those directly linked to voting in the Awards.

To submit your application please send your information to [email protected] by March 31st.

Eligibility for Full BAFTA Membership

All applicants must currently work and have at least five years professional experience in a creative, technical or executive role directly related to the production of either:

feature films theatrically distributed in the UK.
television programming made and broadcast in the UK.
video games distributed in the UK.

In addition, all applicants must be deemed to have made a significant contribution to the industry by the relevant Sector Committee. The committees will consider such factors as:

credits on productions which are of a recognisably high standard or which are considered particularly ground-breaking or innovative.
a large number of significant credits or a long career in the industry
nominations for major awards
a professional qualification relating to a technical field
membership of a relevant professional guild

Please note that the qualifications for membership outlined above are the minimum criteria necessary for eligibility; meeting them does not guarantee membership. In addition, the Board of Trustees reserve the right to accept people who do not meet the above criteria in exceptional circumstances.

Applying for Full Membership

Applicants must be proposed and seconded by two current Full members of BAFTA. Section 4 of the form should be signed by the two members, one of whom should give a short reference outlining the applicant's contribution to the industry (this can be submitted on a separate sheet if preferred). The proposer and seconder must be familiar with the applicant's professional experience.
(This requirement is waived for applicants who have been named nominees for British Academy Film, Television, Television Craft, Games or Children's Awards. Nominees should search their name in our awards database; please contact the Membership Dept before applying if your name returns no results)

Applicants must supply a current CV with their applications, which should be sent to [email protected] by 31 March. A photograph is also requested.

We also ask that applicants complete a diversity monitoring form. This information is not made available to the committees, and no decisions are based on this information.
Please note, the application requests that candidates provide their date of birth. This information is optional, and is not used as the basis for any membership decisions

The Membership Cap

The Academy’s voting membership was capped in 2005. Consequently, the Academy can only take a limited number of new members each year.

Whilst we seek individuals who have made a significant contribution to the film, television and video games industries, we also aim to ensure we have a balance of experts from a wide variety of technical disciplines. This means we do sometimes have to turn down applications from areas where we may be over-represented, or when we simply do not have any spaces available for new members.

Voting Rights and Restrictions

Full members have the right to register to vote in any of our award ceremonies for which they feel qualified by their professional experience.

However, the number of members voting in the Film Awards is capped, and as a result, new members may not be given the option to vote in the Film Awards immediately upon joining.

Film voting places will be allocated to existing members as they become available. When allocating film voting places, priority will be given to those working in Film and particularly to those working in areas currently under-represented within the Film Voting Membership.

There are currently no restrictions on voting in the Video Games Awards.

Annual Full Membership Rates 2016/17

Individuals based in Scotland pay a regional membership rate of £300.00. Full members in Scotland are granted additional rights and benefits within the branch.

A joining fee of £150.00 ($150 in the US) will be charged to new members in addition to their subscription fees. This additional fee is waived for successful applicants who have been nominated for a BAFTA Award.

(All rates are inclusive of VAT where applicable)

Members are encouraged to set up direct debits for their fees. Members who choose to pay by other methods may be charged an additional administration fee of £25.

Please do not send payment with your application