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Tracy Lorie

23 April 2012

BAFTA Los Angeles is saddened to learn that Member Tracy Lorie has passed away.

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Member News: Ian Jessel

17 April 2012

BAFTA Los Angeles Member Ian Jessel has been appointed President of Legend 3D, one of the leading companies in digital media technology and visual effects.

Scholars Ronan Macrory and Jules Nurrish

Scholarship Program: Latest News

23 March 2012

To celebrate our 25th Anniversary, BAFTA Los Angeles has launched an enhanced three-year scholarship program for graduate students studying in the U.S.

Los Angeles Television Events

22 March 2012

This year, one area of considerable focus for BAFTA Los Angeles will be to enhance our television operations and Members will have already noticed our significant increase in television screenings and award voting participation.

Member News: Sandro Monetti

20 March 2012

As part of BritWeek, BAFTA Los Angeles member and Q&A moderator Sandro Monetti will be performing his one man show, "Clooney, Cowell, Pitt and Me: Amusing Encounters with the A-List."