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BAFTA Heritage Screenings

BAFTA Heritage Screenings are a series of quarterly film screenings and on-stage interviews which celebrate British film and TV classics and our great film and TV professionals who made them.

Previous Heritage Screenings... 

Woman in a Dressing Gown + Q&A with Sylvia Syms OBE and BAFTA Chairman John Willis

Thursday 7 March at 6.45pm

Join us for a special screening of this British classic. The film follows a middle-aged woman who believes her husband is content in their marriage so is devastated to discover he is planning to leave her for a younger woman.

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The Commitments + Q&A with Sir Alan Parker, CBE

Tuesday 28 May at 6.30pm

Hot on the heels of being awarded a Fellowship in February, we’re delighted to welcome Alan Parker to the stage at 195. In the second of our BAFTA Heritage screenings and interviews, Parker will discuss his remarkable career and the making of The Commitments.

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Shadowlands + Q&A, in celebration of Lord Attenborough’s 90th Birthday

Tuesday 27 August at 6.30pm

We salute the career of one of our greatest industry talents and a man who's played a significant role in BAFTA's history, Lord Attenborough, on his 90th birthday. BAFTA screens Shadowlands, directed by Attenborough, a portrayal of the true-life romance between renowned author C.S. Lewis and American poet Joy Gresham.

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House of Cards + Q&A with Andrew Davies

Friday 13 September at 6.30pm

BAFTA Heritage invites guests to a rare theatrical screening of the first episode of the original 1990 television drama, scripted by Andrew Davies. Following the screening, Andrew joins us on stage to discuss his adaptation of Michael Dobbs’ novel and his award winning career.

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Christmas Screening: The 39 Steps

Thursday 19 December at 6.00pm

The winner of this year’s Christmas member’s vote is Alfred Hitchcock’s classic chase thriller, The 39 Steps has been hailed as one of the finest films of the 1930’s and is an outstanding example of Hitchcock’s collaboration with British film producer Michael Balcon. The film’s stars include the dashing Robert Donat who cuts a suave yet wholly believable figure as an ordinary man caught up in a complex, international spy ring; and its heroine, Madeleine Carroll, as the quintessential intelligent blonde, so favoured by Hitchcock.

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Family Screening: The Dark Crystal

Sunday 22 December at 11.00am

We will be showing Jim Henson’s classic fantasy movie The Dark Crystal at our first Family Heritage screening. At this relaxed, family-friendly screening we welcome all members and their children to start celebrating the Christmas holidays with this landmark film that pioneered new, never-seen-before, techniques in puppetry. Introduction by producer Duncan Kenworthy OBE.

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Family Screening: The Princess Bride

Sunday 23 February at 11.00am

For our second Family Heritage screening, we’ll be showing cult comedy adventure, The Princess Bride. Directed by Rob Reiner (This Is Spinal Tap, Stand By Me) and shot on location in England and Ireland, The Princess Bride is one of the best loved family films of the 80s and stars some of the greatest comic actors including Peter Cook, Christopher Guest, Mel Smith and Billy Crystal.

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Family Screening: Whistle Down the Wind

Saturday 12 April at 11.00am

This Easter holiday BAFTA screens a classic of children’s cinema, Whistle Down the Wind 1961 directed by Bryan Forbes CBE, one of our greatest British film makers. Starring Hayley Mills as a young girl (Kathy Bostock) who discovers an escaped criminal and believes him to be Jesus Christ. Shot on location in the North Lancashire countryside, Kathy’s dramatic discovery on the family’s remote farm, fast becomes an open secret amongst the children of the local community. As the news spreads, the drama intensifies when the adults learn of the missing con and a police manhunt is launched.

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BAFTA Chairman’s Screening: Celebrating 25 Years of Cutting Edge

Thursday 15 May at 6.30pm

Join us as we celebrate 25 years of the BAFTA-winning Channel 4 documentary series Cutting Edge. Bringing lively and humorous debate to the BAFTA stage we welcome Cutting Edge co-founder and chief executive of Mentorn Television, BAFTA Chairman John Willis, current commissioning editor of Cutting Edge Emma Cooper, award-winning documentary maker and managing director of Century Films Brian Hill, and Cutting Edge co-founder and executive producer Peter Moore.

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A Tribute to Oswald Morris, OBE, DFC, AFC, BSC

Monday 23 June at 6.30pm

In tribute to the outstanding cinematographer Ossie Morris, who died aged 98 earlier this year, we present this very special screening of Sydney Lumet’s The Hill (1965), for which Morris won the BAFTA for British Cinematography: Black and White. The screening will feature an introduction by some very special guests and a drinks reception afterwards.

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Oh! What A Lovely War + Q&A with Michael Attenborough CBE

Saturday 19 July at 4.00pm

To mark the First World War Centenary, BAFTA screens Oh! What A Lovely War (1969) directed by Lord Richard Attenborough CBE. Winning no fewer than five Academy awards Oh! What A Lovely War was Attenborough’s stunning, ambitious and unforgettable directorial debut. We are delighted that theatre director Michael Attenborough will be joining us, following the screening, to share his memories of his father’s remarkable film.

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Blue Remembered Hills + Q&A with John Bird, Kenith Trodd and Janine Duvitski, hosted by Samira Ahmed

Sunday 21 September, 16:00

It’s been twenty years since the untimely death of Dennis Potter, one of the greatest television dramatists and screenwriters of all time. We pay tribute to Potter’s truly original voice with a screening of Blue Remembered Hills and welcome cast member, writer and comedian John Bird who will introduce this screening.

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In Memory of Richard Broke - The Monocled Mutineer, Ep. 1

Sunday 28 September, 14:00

In tribute to the outstanding contribution made by producer Richard Broke to our television industry, The Academy screens episode one of the multiple BAFTA winning drama, The Monocled Mutineer.

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