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The BAFTA Collection

1 February 2019

What's in The BAFTA Collection and how to access it.

Since its inception in 1947, the Academy has amassed a wealth of material documenting the history of our organisation and its activities. 

The majority of holdings in our Collection comprise a mix of photography, audio-visual material and print documents. Material is preserved on the basis that it: 

  • Contributes significantly to a better understanding of the history of BAFTA
  • Provides important evidence of the workings or output of BAFTA, including material created by significant individuals
  • Illustrates BAFTA's wider social, cultural or sectoral impact.

The BAFTA Collection does not collect material of non-BAFTA provenance or personal archives, including BAFTA members’ collections.

Access to the BAFTA Collection is by appointment only, via [email protected].

 What's in the BAFTA Archive?