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Will Wright: A Life in Pixels

3 January 2012
Will Wright: A Life in Pixels

Watch the SimCity and Spore designer talk about his back catalogue of video games in this special BAFTA Guru video recorded in Los Angeles.

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The full length Will Wright interview video is available to watch now on BAFTA Guru.

The 2007 Video Games Awards saw the first time the Academy's highest honour, the Fellowship, was awarded to an individual from the games industry - the legendary games designer Will Wright. Responsible for gaming classics such as SimCity and The Sims, Wright has been at the forefront of games development for over twenty five years.

It's very distracting, to be always reverse-engineering the world around you.

In 2007 he delivered the Academy's Annual Video Games Lecture (video); here he spoke to BAFTA (in Los Angeles co-inciding with the annual E3 Games Expo) about his back catalogue of games and the ideas and methods behind each one.

Watch the Will Wright interview video now on BAFTA Guru

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