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Phantom Thread

Vox Popular

In August, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences announced it was introducing a new Popular Film category at the Oscars. After a media and public outcry, the Academy then decided to withdraw this category, determining it “merits further study”. However, the initial ire directed at the award provokes a curious question: what does the term ‘popular film’ mean? Filmmaker and writer Jon Spira lends his voice to the argument, both in definition and the impact it has on the broader film landscape.


Focus on... Stunt Performance

Stunts have been a part of filmmaking almost since the very beginning of the art form. The best ones can drop jaws of the most jaded cinema-goers, the less death-defying ones often go unnoticed. But they should all be applauded, whether small or large scale, because stunt performance is a risky business, even with the best safety precautions. While CGI may have made large scale action sequences easier to depict, there’s nothing quite like a good practical stunt to blow an audience’s mind. Words by Stuart Barr