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Film Awards Brochure and Ticket Illustrations

29 January 2013
Captain Phillips illustration by La Boca

Five stunning illustrations commissioned for our 2014 Film Awards brochure covers, representing the five Best Film nominees.

This year we have been working with creative agency Hüman After All to produce the print material for the EE British Academy Film Awards. Their campaign centers around the phrase 'Cinemmersive' and is representative of the emotions associated with the cinema-going experience. Illustrators La Boca were commissioned to produce artwork for the Film Awards tickets, posters and brochure covers.


We asked La Boca to interpret this year's five Best Film nominees for the covers of our Film Awards brochures. The brochures are given to all attendees on the night and form a collectable set.

Click on the thumbnails below to see the full-size illustrations along with a short design commentary from La Boca.


La Boca was also asked to design the Awareds night promotional poster using the BAFTA mask and ceremony as their inspiration.

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Hüman After All explain the concept of Cinemmersive...

"We chose the phrase 'Cinemmersive' to represent our approach to the BAFTA 2014 campaign.

"For us, Cinemmersive meant creating art that's grounded in the sense of emotion associated with the cinema-going experience, of being totally immersed in the landscape of film. It's a landscape that's often abstract and metaphorical, yet it lies very much at the heart of all movies. This sense of total immersion, of being enveloped by 'larger than life' stories, moments or relationships, is part of what makes films so compelling.

"The central figure used throughout the campaign is purposefully ambiguous – it could be a character from the film, or a member of the audience watching. We wanted to play upon this ambiguity as it alludes to the connection between the two; the viewer experiencing the story and the sense of empathy they feel for the character they see on screen."

Paul Willoughby
Creative Director

Buy A Print:

The Best Film illustrations are available as limited edition prints to purchase from the La Boca online shop.

A2 Edition of 14 high quality Giclee prints on art paper for each design. £120 (inc. VAT)
A1 Edition of 4 high quality Giclee prints on art paper for for each design. £200 (inc. VAT)

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12 Years A Slave

"When innocence is unfairly shackled, we too experience despair and suffering while simultaneously respecting the sense of dignity maintained throughout."

Film Brochure 2014: 12 Years A Slave

American Hustle

"The tightrope between success and failure is precarious, where no one is ever quite as they seem. Along the way, identities are formed, broken and manipulated, all in the joyful pursuit of financial gain."

Film Brochure 2014: American Hustle

Captain Philips

"When symbols of world globalisation pass by those who benefit the least, grotesque juxtapositions begin to form. The hunter can quickly become the hunted, and the notion of power can swing in unexpected directions."

Film Brochure 2014: Captain Phillips


"The disorientation and emptiness of spinning silently through space."

Film Brochure 2014: Gravity


"A part of Philomena's life is missing - her son. It's a hole that cuts right through her and the religious beliefs underlying everything she holds true. The path for answers is long and winding, but essential."

Film Brochure 2014: Philomena


Film Awards Poster 2014