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BAFTA and Diversity

Diversity is incredibly important to BAFTA – both in terms of our internal structures as an organisation, but also in the work we do as a charity to develop the film, television and games industries. As a champion of creative excellence, we want all talented people to be able to succeed in the industries, regardless of their background.

We are currently reviewing our diversity policy and we will be updating this page later in 2016.

The following lays out the areas we monitor and some of the measures we take to help ensure we represent a diverse range of voices and viewpoints in our work.


We monitor applicants to our vacancies to ensure that our applications reflect the diversity of the local population. We provide opportunities for flexible working whenever possible. We run an internship scheme offering work-based training and encourage entrants from diverse backgrounds. All our internships are paid, and are recruited through fair and open practices.

Membership & Governance

It is very important to us that BAFTA is seen as a welcoming and accessible organisation. We monitor the composition of our committees and are currently surveying our members to make sure we have an accurate picture of the make up of our membership and which groups are under-represented.

Learning and New Talent

BAFTA’s year-round programme of learning events is open to all. Our events offer a platform for BAFTA winners and nominees to share their expertise and so we make efforts to ensure that our events are accessible to all – for example, subsidising ticket prices to ensure they are affordable. We monitor our audiences closely and target any under-represented groups where necessary.

Our New Talent initiatives highlight the next generation of talent. We make every effort to ensure that the processes we use to select this talent are fair and open and, where possible, work is judged anonymously.


We monitor our juries to help us ensure they represent a diversity of perspectives.

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BAFTA runs a scheme called Gift of the Academy, enabling charities and not-for-profits to apply for complimentary hire of BAFTA headquarters. At least one of the recipients each year is a scheme which works to increase diversity in film, TV and games.