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Supporting BAFTA

What We Do

Ralph Fiennes: A Life In PicturesBAFTA / Jamie SimondsBAFTA is an independent charity with a mission to develop and promote the three art forms we support: film, television and games. We do this by identifying and rewarding excellence, inspiring practitioners and benefiting the viewing public.
Our esteemed Awards ceremonies are high profile celebrations of our industries’ greatest achievements, but our Learning & Events programme and Heritage projects form the heart of our charity work. Reaching a diverse audience of all age groups, it offers unique access to some of the world’s most inspiring talent.
On-stage events, ongoing projects and webcasts encourage the public to deepen their understanding of the art forms they are touched by every day and, at the same time, ensure the creative industries achieve the highest standards.

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BAFTA works with the best creative minds in the film, television and games industries, making their expertise available to the public. We are lucky enough to count some of the world’s most successful and talented practitioners as our members, ambassadors, Award nominees and winners. We focus on two areas:

Learning & Events

Nurturing industry professionals of the future: inspiring, educating and empowering, is at the very heart of our Learning & Events programme. More than 200 public events take place throughout the year in venues across the UK and US to which we welcome more than 30,000 people, from casual film, television and games fans to career starters and established industry professionals.

BAFTA's Commitment to Learning >


Collecting, preserving and making accessible BAFTA’s archive collection for the benefit of future generations of industry professionals and the general public is a key BAFTA activity. The archive is a unique and therefore precious history of the Academy. We want to see this history preserved,catalogued and made available through digital formats as a database and in exhibitions.

BAFTA Heritage and Archive >

Why is it important?

BAFTA Los Angeles Mentoring 2The moving image plays a huge part in our lives, feeding our minds and imaginations and helping our culture to grow. Without BAFTA we could rapidly come to inhabit a media landscape of wall to wall reality TV, films that offer little in the way of nourishment for the mind, and video games that inhibit the intellectual growth of players rather than stimulating it. These may have a place, but on their own they won’t build and sustain a healthy culture and society.

BAFTA sits at the heart of the moving image industries. The Academy itself has almost 6500 members, all industry professionals with many years experience.

Together, they create the drive for quality and an ambition for excellence, culminating in the world-renowned BAFTA Awards. Without this aspiration, the general public would not receive the benefits of productions that might not otherwise be made or broadcast because they could not survive commercially.

Your Support

We rely on funding from membership subscriptions, individual donations, trusts, foundations and corporate partnerships as well as our earned income, to support all our ongoing charitable work. We hope others share our commitment to the quality and integrity of the moving image, and we continue to seek their support in bringing together the best of today’s talent to inspire and inform the industry and audience of tomorrow.

Current Supporters

With thanks to the generous supporters who play a vital role in our work:

  • Abertay University
  • Mikel Arteta
  • Arts & Business Scotland
  • Mohamed Amersi
  • Lotta Ashdown
  • Elena Baturina
  • Graham Beswick
  • BFI
  • Kelly Barel di Sant'Albano
  • Louise Bhattacharjee
  • Kristina Borsy
  • Patsy Bown
  • British Council
  • Nathan Brown
  • Sebastian Brown
  • Alisa Burke
  • Kevin Burke
  • Fiona & Paul Cartwright
  • Christine Craven Walker
  • Creative England
  • Creative Skillset
  • Mike & Laura Di Iorio
  • Carol Doughty
  • Cushman & Wakefield
  • David Lean Foundation
  • Edwin Fox Foundation
  • Robin Frost
  • The Galashan Trust
  • Aldo Garbagnati
  • Anita George
  • Evelina Girling
  • Alexander Goldsmith
  • Raymond Goldsmith
  • Lois Graziosi
  • Kate Groes
  • Lucy Guard
  • Fulva Giust
  • Michelle Hagemeier
  • Jason Haigh-Ellery
  • Shevanne Helmer
  • The Hobson Charity
  • Richard Hytner
  • The JJ Charitable Trust
  • Karen Joss
  • Jacqui Kerr-Dineen
  • Nicolette Kirkby
  • Tara Kurtz
  • John Laing
  • Kirsten Lea
  • Katherine Lo
  • Mad Dog Foundation
  • Mark Melvin
  • The Lowy Mitchell Foundation
  • Sarah Monk
  • Fariba Namaki
  • Col & Karen Needham
  • Paige Nelson
  • Gyan Newman
  • Nominet Trust
  • Simon & Michelle Orange
  • Roxanne Phillips
  • Anne Popkin
  • PRS For Music
  • Jacki & Laurance Racke
  • Ian and Jenny Richardson
  • Kimberley Robson-Ortiz
  • Roland Rudd
  • Aqua Sanfelice
  • Susie Saunders
  • Erica Shelton
  • Linda Shire
  • Hy Smith
  • John Spence
  • David Taylor
  • Technology Strategy Board
  • Mark Tenser
  • UKIE
  • UKTI
  • Paul Vitagliano
  • Warner Bros.
  • Rebecca Wang
  • The Wellcome Trust
  • Beryl Weiner
  • Hilary Williams
  • Sue Wong
  • David Wylde
  • Katherine Yip
  • Anonymous (3)

Gift Aid

If you will be making regular donations to BAFTA please complete a Gift Aid form. Gift Aid means that for every £1 you donate, BAFTA can claim an additional 25p from HM Revenue and Customs.