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Ian Emes

Director, Animator
17 August 1948 to 16 July 2023

A British director, who won three BAFTAs, for Goodie-Two-Shoes (1984) and twice for Bookaboo (2009-2016), which also netted him Oscar and Emmy nominations respectively. Ian Emes was BAFTA-nominated again for Sir Gadabout: The Worst Knight in the Land (2002) and won a Palme d’Or for the short film The Oriental Nightfish (1978). Other directing work included The Yob, How to be Cool (both 1988), Deadly Summer (1997) and Queens of Mystery (2019-2021), as well as music promos for the likes of Pink Floyd. He also created animations for such shows as 3-2-1 (1978-1980) and The Box of Delights (1984).