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In Memory Of...

In 2006, BAFTA established In Memory Of to acknowledge the committed and passionate individuals who worked in the film, games and television industries who have passed away. Owing to the number of industry-related obituaries each year, we are unable to provide a definitive list of every person with industry credits who has passed away.

BAFTA members can submit names for obituaries by emailing [email protected], including dates of birth and death. Biographical details may also be required.

In Memory Of is complemented by broadcast obituaries, the obituaries sections of the television broadcasts of the British Academy Film Awards and British Academy Television Awards. Due to the number of people we would like to recognise at any one time and the limited time in which we have to do so, individuals may be featured in a television broadcast only once. Decisions as to who is selected for inclusion are made by BAFTA's Obituaries Committee, which considers over 200 names a year.

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