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BAFTA Elevate

A bespoke annual programme to elevate individuals from under-represented groups to the next stage of their career.

In partnership with Creative Skillset and the BFI, BAFTA carried out a research report in 2016 to examine the career success factors of film, television and games practitioners from under-represented groups. 

In support of our research, we have created a bespoke programme that helps elevate individuals from under-represented groups to the next stage of their career: BAFTA Elevate.

In 2017, BAFTA Elevate will focus on female directors seeking to progress in high end television and features. 

We hope to address the gap between 50/50% male/female film school graduates and 87/13% male/female industry directing hires and producers’ desire to hire female directors but saying that they are often hard to find. The programme will include networking introductions, mentoring and expert workshops.

Applications closed Monday 13 March


  • Participants will need to show that they already have successful authored work to their name, and experience working with a professional crew and to a fixed budget and schedule, as well as directing other writers’ scripts.
  • Successful applicants will likely have either directed a festival recognised feature but not yet worked in high end TV, or have directed continuing television drama or have festival recognised short film work. Documentary directors with a strong track record who want to make the leap to fiction will also be considered.
  • This programme is not designed to teach direction (participants need to be of a certain level in order to be considered) but to help participants overcome invisible barriers in an industry with low statistics when it comes to hiring women.
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