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BAFTA's Sustainability Efforts

BAFTA’s industry-leading position on sustainability recognises the need for economic, social and environmental security within the film, television and games sectors, whilst acknowledging the demands in meeting creative excellence.
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In addition to improvements to our own operations, BAFTA is the proud facilitator of an industry-wide sustainability body, the BAFTA Albert Consortium , which works cooperatively across the film and television supply chain and focuses on practical action. The Consortium has a vision that all UK on-screen content will be made using best practices in sustainable production, and works proactively towards this outcome.

Since its inauguration in 2011, the Consortium has been working to provide the industry with the means to identify and act upon its environmental impact. Creating a bespoke environmental management toolkit and facilitating a forum for discussion, the group hopes to inspire industry leaders and practitioners to embrace best practise in sustainability both on and off screen.

BAFTA supports and promotes creative excellence in the production of film, television and games and, with the Consortium, is committed to embedding sustainability into the fabric of the creative industries.

Sustainability Initiatives

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Media Greenhouse

The home of environmental sustainability for the UK screen arts. The place to share, learn and act on our impact.

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The BAFTA Albert Consortium

The Consortium is the industry's forum for pursuing the sustainability agenda in production. Find out more about its members, mission and the work carried out.

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Albert carbon calculator

An online tool that works out how much a TV production affects the environment by calculating the total amount of greenhouse gases emitted as a direct result of making the programme.

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albert+ is an industry certification scheme which aims to promote sustainability in the production process so that audiences across the UK can enjoy great programming that doesn't cost the earth.

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Green efforts at BAFTA 195

Find out what BAFTA is doing across its operations and property portfolio to reduce its impact.

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