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Preview: 35 Diwrnod + Q&A

Monday, 27 February 2017 - 7:00pm
Cineworld Cardiff
A preview of the first episode of the new series of BAFTA Cymru Award-winning 35 Diwrnod, followed by a Q&A with scriptwriter Siwan Jones and members of the cast.

Dôl Wen. A majestic house standing in a lush, green valley. After Mair’s death her children and their families return home during the summer holidays to scatter her ashes and to discuss the future of Dôl Wen.

There are family secrets. Old quarrels. A story full of emotional and psychological scars.

A family’s story as they come together under the same roof for 35 days at the height of summer. There is tension and bitterness between Dôl Wen’s dark walls, and before long there will be a murder.

Q&A (hosted by Jon Gower) between Siwan Jones + cast members Mali Jones and Owain Gwynn.

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