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We’re Ecotricity, Britain’s greenest energy company. Founded in 1995 by Dale Vince OBE, our mission is to replace fossil fuels with green energy across Britain.

We operate an ethical approach to everything we do and use the profits from our customers’ bills to build new sources of renewable energy - we call it ‘Bills into Mills’. That’s what makes us different to other ‘green’ energy companies out there.

So far, we’ve built 74 windmills spanning 24 wind parks up and down the country, with two new hybrid solar and wind parks. In 2023, we completed the build of our first green gasmill near Reading, which generates green gas from grass! 

At Ecotricity, we understand that the effects of climate change continue to be felt worldwide, with industries looking for ways to make greater efforts to reduce their carbon footprints. That’s why we’re partnered with BAFTA Albert, working together to make 100% renewable energy accessible to creative industries across the UK. If you’re a BAFTA Albert member and want to qualify for preferential prices, get in touch with your Albert team.

This year we’re also proud to partner with the BAFTA Television Craft Awards, celebrating an industry where the power of film, games and television to entertain, inform and engage supports our mission to create a greener future.

We’re part of the Ecotricity Group and focus our work on four key areas – energy, transport, food and nature. Between them, energy, transport and food make up 80% of all our carbon footprints so by changing what we do in these areas, we can make the biggest possible difference.

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