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Sam Rockwell - Winner's Acceptance Speech, Supporting Actor, EE British Academy Film Awards in 2018

18 February 2018

Winner's acceptance speech by Sam Rockwell for Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri in the Supporting Actor category.

SAM ROCKWELL: Hey. Wow. I'm humbled to be among my fellow nominees. These are all amazing actors, and this has been a real magical journey for me. I have been a journeyman actor my whole life. I never dreamed I would be standing here in London on stage celebrating with all you tonight this incredible movie.

I stand here as a result of many people who believed in me over the years.  Sometimes when I didn't even believe in me. I want to thank Fox Searchlight, Ben, our DP, the entire cast, Woody Harrelson, Clarke Peters, Sandy Martin.

There's a quote - it might have been Alan Rickman - "There are no great actors, only great roles". It might be Alan. That is certainly the case with the Martin McDonagh script. He's annoyingly handsome to be as talented a writer/director as he is, and I'm so proud to have worked with him, and grateful, three times.

You've changed my life. 

Thank you, Martin. I love you.

I think as we engage in this long overdue discussion about women in the workplace, I also stand on the shoulders of women. Strong, intelligent, righteous women, who have made my life complete.

Fran, you're the rock that this film and every film you are a part of relies on. You make me proud to be an actor. And, Leslie, my life is full because of you. Your compassion, your intellect, your talent, and most of all your love. I'm very lucky to be here tonight. Thank you to the British Academy.  

This is for my pal, Alan Rickman. I'll see you at the bar. Thank you.