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Planet Earth II: Snakes vs Iguana Chase - Winners' acceptance speech, Virgin TV's Must-See Moment, Virgin TV British Academy Television Awards in 2017

14 May 2017

Winner's acceptance speech on behalf of BBC Studios, BBC Natural History Unit, BBC America, ZDF, France Television and BBC One for Planet Earth II: Snakes vs Iguana Chase in the Virgin TV's Must-See Moment category

 MICHAEL GUNTON:   Blimey.  I love those Iguanas. I came to the BAFTAs nearly 30 years ago for  Trials of Life and have not been back since, and now two.  So I must come again in another 30 years.

We were surprised that this would win because most people, or half the people anyway, watched this sequence from behind their sofa, and the other half thought it was the most extraordinary thing they had ever seen.  So I guess those are the people who were shouting at the TV, "Run, iguana!  Run, iguana!"  So those were the people who voted for us, so thank you very much. We would like to also mention that this series owes a lot to some of the other series that have been preceded us.  The original Planet Earth, of course, and Life and Frozen Planet and Africa -- all of these have contributed to the success of this series.  Particularly I would like to also mention Liz, wherever she is, who is snake lady.


And it was her that had the wit when she saw that happening to realise that this was the one of the most extraordinary things she had ever seen. I am pleased to say that we don't have any snakes with us here today, but there is someone who wants to also say thank you very much for voting for us.

IGUANA:  I accept this award on behalf of Sir David Attenborough and my comrades who didn't make it. OMG!  Is that His Royal Highness the Duke, Danny Dyer?  Better luck next year, buddy!

MICHAEL GUNTON:  Thank you very much.