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Stuart Allison - AV Technician

Stuart Allison - AV Technician

Stuart is one of BAFTA's two AV Technicians (alongside Angus Martin) and has worked at BAFTA for over 15 years. Stuart shares some insights into his role and looks ahead to the newly developed 195 Piccadilly.

How long you have been at BAFTA?

I started at BAFTA in October 2006, having previously worked for Warner Cinemas for 16 years (including 5 years in Leicester Square).

What’s an average day like working as an AV Technician at BAFTA 195 Piccadilly?

Each day can be so different, from 6am starts to 1am finishes. It is very rewarding helping teams pull together an event and ensuring everything runs smoothly. From the setting up of the video clips, the controlling of the microphones and the set up and operating of the lighting. It is strange how things have changed even in the time I have been working for BAFTA, from the 35mm / 70mm formats and film sounds to nowadays knowing the ins and outs of a Digital Cinema Package (DCP). Also moving forward, it’s looking like live-streaming is going to be a massive part of our events in the future.

Do you have a favourite memory working at BAFTA? 

So many memories… The one that stands out is the running of Ghandi on 70mm film with change-overs for Lord Attenborough and some of the cast and crew for an anniversary screening.

Is there an element of the new building you are most excited about?

I’m most excited to have all the latest state-of-the-art projectors in both the Princess Anne Theatre, but also within the new 41-seat screening room. This will help increase the number of BAFTA screenings, plus this will enable more smaller, industry-focused events, which is always a plus!
I also think it will be pretty spectacular to see the digital mapping in use in the main event space (soon to be announced!) and I can’t wait to see live events happening once again in the Creative and Future Galleries, which will be a whole floor dedicated to our learning work.

What is your favourite film?

I have to admit that I am a Star Wars fan having being 7 years old when the first film came out. It had a big impact on my love of film. Meeting George Lucas was a big moment in my life.

What is your favourite TV show?

I enjoy a good gritty drama such as Luther or Line of Duty, but my comfort viewing which I love is The Repair Shop and Our Yorkshire Farm – I love the Owen family!

What is your favourite video game?

I don’t play many games; however, I do enjoy escape room games (even though I do sometimes have to use the hints rather a lot). Plus, I am fond of a good old classic platform game.