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Renato Benedetti - Architect

Renato Benedetti - Architect

Renato Benedetti and Carla Sorrentino are the leading Architects working on both the building and interior designs of 195 Piccadilly.

What is the most interesting aspect of working on the BAFTA project?

The historic building itself and BAFTA’s 40-year relationship with it. Everything needs to change to make it fit for purpose to support BAFTA’s next 45 years, but our design carefully balances innovation while retaining / enhancing its character and atmosphere.

Is there something that only you, as the designer and architect, know about the project? 

Now that the builders have started to carefully strip out the building, new secrets are being revealed such as some original 1883 oak flooring which we are hoping to re-use within the design. We are sensitive to these kinds of discoveries as they can bring the story of the building to life within the new design and they continue to make the project an interesting journey.

What is an average day like in working on 195?

There isn’t one, and that variety is what I love about being an architect. An average day involves lots of meetings with BAFTA, other consultants, the builders and their specialist sub-contractors to explain, coordinate, value engineer and refine information. We’re also the interior designers so our days also involve design development of the concepts and specific proposals, reviewing alternatives for materials and details, getting samples and making presentations to BAFTA and the design team.

What are your favourite films, games and TV Programmes? 

Films:  L’Atalante, Life is Beautiful and Tarantino's Once Upon A Time In Hollywood.

Games: Pong, Pac-Man and Space Invaders

TV Programmes: The Sopranos (My dad is from the same Italian town as Tony Soprano’s father)