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195 Piccadilly Celebrates the Jubilee

24 May 12

As part of the Piccadilly celebrations for the Queen's Jubilee, 195 opened its doors to the public and hosted a day of festivities.

Jubilee at 195

As part of the Jubilee Big Lunch that took place on Piccadilly in London's West End, BAFTA opened its doors to the public.

Head Chef Anton (pictured left) provided brunch and lunch while a red-carpet themed photoshoot provided by Boothnation was set up in the David Lean Room.

Portraits of Film Awards winners taken by photographer Ian Derry were given pride of place alongside.

Jubilee at 195
BAFTA / Amy Elton

Jubilee Boothnation1Jubilee Boothnation2Jubilee Boothnation3
Those at 195 Piccadilly - including a pair of officers (l) and some extra-suave venue staff (r) - took advantage of Boothnation's awards-themed photobooth.

The Academy's royal connections were detailed in a video projection and its Behind The Mask documentary - detailing the making of the 2011 Film Awards - was also shown. Prince Charles - no stranger to the Academy - passed outside 195 with Camilla.

Charles & Camilla on Piccadilly
Heart of London Business Alliance

Prince Charles and Camilla stopped by the Piccadilly celebations before the royal flotilla set off.