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Full UK Voting Membership

25 February 2015
Wolf Hall series finale preview at Cineworld CardiffSSP Media

During March every year BAFTA Cymru will be actively seeking new UK Full voting members - either by encouraging those with Associate and Branch membership to upgrade to Full membership or encouraging new members to join.

As you may know, BAFTA has a number of tiers of membership, one of which is Full membership.

Full membership offers voting rights in the British Academy Awards (Television, TV Craft, Children’s, Games) as well as a host of other benefits including preview screenings, UK-wide events and more.

Of the 7,000+ Full members of the Academy, we currently have 120 Welsh industry representatives and we would very much like to see this increase so that the number of voting members from Wales, and therefore Welsh representation is at a higher level.

Overall BAFTA Cymru has between 600-900 members a year (student, career starter, branch and associate members as well as our full members) which is the highest it has ever been.

We would therefore like to invite eligible Welsh industry practitioners to apply for Full Television or Full Games membership.

We hope that this level of membership is of interest, and you can click here for further information regarding the process and benefits.

To start an application please click here

We would be happy to discuss this further with you if that would be useful - please contact Emma by email to arrange a conversation.