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Yonatan August

Yonatan August


Yonatan came to our attention when his teacher at Hamilton High reached out to tell us about an extraordinary student in his class. We met Yonatan and quickly agreed. In addition to his interest in the creative arts, Yonatan has a keen interest in the business side of the industry. He plans to major in Economics, so keep an eye out for Yonatan as a future dealmaker in the entertainment industry. 

Yonatan is being mentored by Producer and Screenwriter Asligul Armagan

College: Santa Monica College 

High School: Alexander Hamilton High School

Favorite Film: Fantastic Mr. Fox 

Favorite Superhero: Quicksilver

Favorite place in Los Angeles: Kenneth Hahn State Recreational Area

Best Tacos in Los Angeles:  Pinches Tacos

Yonatan's theme song of 2020:  Bre Petrunko