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US Newcomers Program

BAFTA LA Garden PartyGetty ImagesThe Newcomers Program is a four-year new talent initiative, recognizing and supporting international rising stars who are non-US citizens who have recently moved to Los Angeles or New York to further their development and career.

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Since the program’s launch in 2007, this initiative has recognized the long and fruitful legacy of international talents moving to the US to expand their knowledge, develop their skills, and expand their network of peers.

Those accepted on to the program will demonstrate:

  • A body of work that exhibits a demonstrable trajectory of growth and career advancement.
  • Alignment with the core values of BAFTA to strive for excellence in the art forms of the moving image, in an inclusive and collaborative spirit.
  • The passion and potential to become an international talent.
Applications are closed for the US Newcomers Program. 

The Program

With its international reach, BAFTA is in a unique position to support new talents expanding their career into the US.

Each participant will receive access to BAFTA membership events and curated Talent Development Events aimed at supporting both career development, and the transition to living and working in the US.


  • Professional networking opportunities.
  • Peer-matching with others who have recently moved to the US.
  • Curated educational programming
  • Access to BAFTA’s wider professional development event schedule including our special BAFTA Briefing sessions and our BAFTA Insights series.

We also encourage participants to be actively involved in many of our events and programs and to truly become part of the BAFTA family.

Applications for the Newcomers Program are reviewed and accepted once per calendar year.

At the conclusion of the program, participants may then be eligible for our new talent alumni scheme, to continue their relationship with BAFTA. 

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Those selected for the Program will be asked to pay an annual fee of $175 (plus a processing fee of $25).

Applicants must fulfill the following requirements:

  • Non-US Citizen
  • In possession of a visa that allows them to work and/or study in the US.
  • Lived in the United States for less than three years as of June 30.
    • Time spent as a full-time student in film, television or games related courses will not count towards these two years.
  • Pursuing a career in the industry, with demonstrated experience or education in their craft or field of professional expertise.
  • Must currently be based in the greater New York or greater Los Angeles area.

Application Process

Applications are open for the US Newcomers Program. 

Applications will be reviewed by our Learning & New Talent Committee. Factors to be considered will include academic qualifications, prior industry experience, and the applicant’s body of work. In short, we are looking for the next generation of our peers in their respective fields.

Applicants may also be interviewed in order to further demonstrate his/her eligibility to the Committee, as outlined above.

The program is intended to last four years. However, participation in subsequent years is not automatic. Continuation to a subsequent year will be contingent on the participant demonstrating career progress and ongoing benefit from their association with BAFTA and vice versa, as well as continuing to meet the basic criteria,

In exceptional circumstances, the Committee in its sole discretion may terminate an individual’s participation in the Program at any time.