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Sidney Flores

Sidney Flores


Sidney interned with BAFTA in early 2021 when she was a student at 32nd Street LAUSD/USC Media Arts and Engineering. Having graduated high school, she is now majoring in Psychology at Santa Monica College, but is passionate about writing. Sidney caught our attention during her internship as someone who could sit quietly, listening to everyone comments during a meeting, before saying something thoughtful and incisive, that had the capability to change everyone's perspective of the subject under discussion. During the internship she had the opportunity to meet one of her heroes - Ashton Kutcher - who dropped in after Sidney expressed admiration for his work as an actor and as an activist. 

Sidney is being mentored by writer Nic Yulo

College: Santa Monica College

High School: 32nd Street LAUSD/USC Media Arts and Engineering

Favorite Film: Inception

Favorite place in Los Angeles: Mulholland Drive

Best Pupuas in Los Angeles:  Jaragua

Daizee's theme song of 2020:  Lost Kids Get Money - Brent Faiyaz