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Tian Macleod Ji | China Scholar 2014-2015

Tian Macleod Ji | China Scholar 2014-2015

Tian Macleod Ji, from Oxford, was awarded a scholarship to study the MFA in Creative Media at City University of Hong Kong.

During his studies, Tian was mentored by to Craig Leeson, CEO of award-winning Hong Kong-based production company Leeson Media. The two met regularly, and Tian helped Craig as assistant producer on various shoots, as well joining him at Shaw Studios during the sound engineering for a documentary. Tian also met industry professionals at a BAFTA event in Hong Kong and collaborated on a film project with fellow scholar Wan Pin Chu.

Since then, Tian was selected by City University for a a paid position on a filmmaking and media art expedition to the caves of Vietnam.

I have been given an incredibly supportive financial backing, which will allow me to devote myself to the course. BAFTA has also introduced to me to an inspirational mentor, this is invaluable in laying the foundation for a career in filmmaking, which I intend to pursue.

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