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Olivia Porretta

Olivia Porretta


Olivia Porretta is an award-winning animated filmmaker currently based in New York City. She is currently entering her 4th year as a BFA Animation Major at School of Visual Arts.

When Olivia was in fifth grade, she fell in love with art, storytelling, and animation when she watched the Adventure Time episode “Mortal Folly.” Since then, she has worked to hone her craft and has produced numerous shorts, including “Boxgirl,” “Captain Bandit,” “Godzilla wants Capri Sun,” “Wise on the Web” and more. As a storyboard artist and animator she has worked in TV, commercials, and online health PSAs. She is looking forward to telling more stories, expanding her horizons as a storyteller and animator, and branching out into even more television work. 

Animation was her lifeline when she was younger, and she continues to pursue that love through her current projects. Olivia always strives to tell (funky) stories that resonate with people.