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Pip White

Pip White



Pip White is a Cinematographer and Photographer working within film, TV and commercials. She is a graduate of the AFI Cinematography Programme and the recipient of the PIGOTT/ BAFTA SCHOLARSHIP.

Prior to her time at AFI, Pip worked as a camera assistant and operator for nearly a decade on both indie features and blockbuster franchises; Mission Impossible, Marvel Cinematic Universe, Fantastic Beasts under the tutelage and mentorship of esteemed Cinematographers - BAFTA winner Rob Hardy BSC ASC, BAFTA nominated Ben Davis BSC and Oscar winner Philippe Rousselot AFC ASC.

Since graduating AFI, BAFTA have featured Pip as part of the BAFTA LA Newcomers Talent Programme. Her recent directorial debut Commuters premiered at CAMERIMAGE Film Festival and was nominated for the KODAK Vision Grant, recognising Emerging Global Talent in Filmmaking.