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[filmmaker] - [mentor]

Rosanagh Griffiths (writer/director/producer) - mentored by Julia Oh (American Honey, Nasty Baby, Film4 Senior Commissioning Executive)

Zhang & Knight (writers/directors) - mentored by Luca Guadagnino (Call Me by Your Name, We Are Who We Are)

Cheri Darbon (producer) - mentored by Yvonne Isimeme Ibazebo (Top Boy, National Treasure) 

Jason Bradbury (director) - mentored by Oliver Hermanus (Moffie, Beauty)

Laura Kirwan-Ashman (writer/director) - mentored by Kate Herron (Sex Education, Loki)

Tom Chetwode-Barton (writer/director) - mentored by João Pedro Rodrigues (The Ornithologist, To Die Like a Man)