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Sorcha Bacon - ​Olivier Kaempfer ​(Parkville Pictures, Exec Producer, ​Miseducation of Cameron Post, Appropriate Behaviour​)

Georgi Banks-Davies - ​James Marsh ​​(BAFTA and Oscar-winning director, ​The Theory of Everything, Man On Wire​)

Lindsey Dryden​​ - ​Mary Burke​​ ​(Senior Development and Production Exec, BFI Film Fund)

Nosa Eke​​ - ​Wayne Yip​​ ​(director, ​Doctor Who, Utopia, Humans)​

Matthew Jacobs Morgan - ​John Cameron Mitchell ​​(writer-director, ​How To Talk To Girls at Parties, Hedwig and the Angry Inch)​

Emily McDonald​​ - ​Lucy Cohen​​ ​(BAFTA-nominated director, ​Kingdom of Us)​ 2018 Mentors announcement - BFI NETWORK

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