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Jocelyn Ayala-Rosas

Jocelyn Ayala-Rosas


Jocelyn interned with BAFTA in early 2021 and used the opportunity to flex her skills in animation - creating animations of all of the other interns for their final project. She is currently studying Studio Art at San Francisco State, where she hopes to develop her talent, and learn new techniques. She takes inspiration from Korean cinema, including the TV series Itaewon Class. 

College: San Francisco State University

High School: 32nd Street LAUSD/USC Media Arts and Engineering

Dream Career: Disney or DreamWorks Animator

Favorite Film: Train to Busan

Favorite place in Los Angeles: Exposition Park Rose Garden

Best Tacos in Los Angeles:  King Taco

Jocelyn's theme song of 2020:  Gaho - Start Over