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Freelance Foundations with BECTU Vision

Freelance Foundations with BECTU Vision

BECTU Vision has a programme of free to attend sessions running throughout the day with practical advice and support to help you get started as a film & television freelancer.

Freelance Working in Film & TV - Book Now
11:15 - 11:45

Presentation by BECTU Vision's Jena Hunter

Interested in working behind the scenes in film and tv drama but don’t know where to start? The BECTU Vision team are here to help! In this presentation we'll talk about the range of roles exist within a film crew, what it's like to work on a production and we'll share practical signposts for support available to help with your next steps.

Building Strong Freelance Foundations - Book Now
12:00 - 12:45

Panel with BECTU Vision's Linda Fraser, Osteopath - Andrew Patterson, H&S Consultant - Mairi Ritchie, Positive Psychologist - Michelle White, with Finance and Networking guru, David Thomas on screen

Our panel of experts will discuss the challenges of working as a freelancer and will share their advice for giving yourself the best start. 

Physical Wellbeing Taster - Book Now
13:30 - 14:00

Workshop with Osteopath, Andrew Patterson

Get over the post-lunch slump with a limber-up and gather some top tips for looking after yourself at work. This interactive taster workshop can be done seated or standing and is suitable for all. 


Build Sustainable Resilience into your Life and Career - Book Now
14:15 - 14:45

Workshop with Psychologist & Coach, Michelle White

In this bitesize session, Michelle will share brain friendly tips and guidance on healthy ways to navigate setbacks and move forward.

Safety on Sets - Book Now
15:00 - 15:30

Workshop with Health & Safety Consultant, Mairi Ritchie

Build your hazard awareness with this interactive session designed to give you the tools to spot hazards on a film set.

Career Pathways: Exploring Film & TV Traineeships - Book Now
15:45 - 16:30

Panel with BECTU Vision's Amy Shaw and former trainees; Script Supervisor - Tayler Norris, Electrician - David Hart and Script Editor - Amber Saunders

Participants of BECTU Vision's traineeships will discuss how their training prepared them for freelancing and what they have learned in their first few years in the industry.