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Sofia Ismail Martin

Sofia Ismail Martin

Sofia Ismail Martin is an experienced documentary producer with a passion for telling surprising, untold stories in a compelling and authentic way. Having cut her teeth producing acclaimed science and history documentaries for a host of UK and international broadcasters, including the BBC’s flagship science strand Horizon, Sofia has since gone on to explore her passion for human interest stories.

In 2018, she co-produced the feature documentary McQueen, which was released in cinemas worldwide and was nominated for two BAFTAs at the 2019 Film Awards, in the Outstanding British Film and Documentary categories. Previous to this feature-length documentary, she was assistant producer on Channel 5’s Inside Broadmoor (2013) and Animals in Love (2015), shown on BBC One. She was also associate producer on the BBC’s primetime health special Long Live Britain (2013).

After McQueen, Sofia took some time away from the industry to raise her two young children but has recently started to navigate her way back into producing. She started in a new role at Misfits Entertainment, with her goal being to make more feature documentaries in the future. She also recently wrote and directed a series of short films for BBC online exploring what it means to be British Asian.

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