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Bisha K. Ali

Bisha K. Ali

Bisha is a screenwriter and stand-up comedian known for her personal and political comedy.

Her pilot script, Book Club, was created for a table read by Sky as part of its diversity initiative, which led to Tiger Aspect optioning the script along with another of Bisha’s comedy projects. She has also provided additional material for Sex Education, Netflix’s comedy drama produced by Eleven Film. Bisha been part of the writers’ room for the pilot of Deborah Frances-White’s Channel 4 topical entertainment show, Next Week’s News (by Merman), and True Believers, a new comedy drama for CBBC. In 2018, she joined the writers’ room for Hulu’s forthcoming series adaptation of Four Weddings and a Funeral, led by Mindy Kaling.

As a performer, Bisha is frequently on the Guilty Feminist podcast and she co-hosts the BBC Radio 4 podcast GrownUpLand. In 2012, she took part in the Royal Court Theatre’s Young Writers programme, and has had numerous non-fiction and fiction articles published.

She currently has projects in development with Eleven Film, Gun Powder & Sky, Talkback and Rockerdale Studios.

Agent: Abby Singer, Casarotto, Ramsay & Associates