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Alexander Newland

Alexander Newland

Alexander Newland has worked in the screen industries for more than 25 years, producing shorts, commercials and music promos. Alexander is passionate about making the industry more equitable, and in his spare time works on Breaking Through The Lens, a project connecting female and non-binary filmmakers to potential financiers at market.

He started out in the industry as an actor, making his screen debut in A Touch of Frost (1994), with Cracker (1994), Wire in the Blood (2005), Silent Witness (2013) and Cast Offs (2009) among his following credits. He moved into producing with his first short, The Invader’s Song (2019), and has since made Friends in the Corner (2020), Petra (2021) and Tiny Vessels (2022). He has two further shorts in post-production and recently wrapped on his first feature as a producer, Up on the Roof (tba). Elsewhere, he co-founded creative technology company, Visual Voice, in 2011, working on groundbreaking campaigns with the likes of Sky, Adobe and Lexus.

Alexander is driven by a passion for film and loves the challenge of making a creative vision a reality. He currently has a diverse slate of projects on the go, including a television series, Powdered and Dancing, and a female-driven werewolf film entitled Alpha.

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