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Vikram Singh | Director

Vikram Singh | Director

Vikram Singh is an independent filmmaker and journalist based in New Delhi, India. Over the past decade, his work from South Asia has been featured extensively in international news organisations like the New York Times, Al Jazeera and France24. His main areas of focus include conservation and environmental issues as well as the intersection of culture and politics. Vikram’s breakthrough project is the documentary Elephants in My Backyard which debuted on Al Jazeera in August 2020.

Vikram is also the founder of a film production company called Elefant, which produces video for some of the most forward thinking artists and art festivals in the region, including the multi-disciplinary Serendipity Arts Festival and Magnetic Fields Festival. His last film, Dead Lakes Alive, documented efforts to revive lakes in and around Bangalore. 

He's currently working on a feature length documentary project about a community of nomads in the western Indian state of Gujarat. 

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